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The Lost Ground

A Scryed RPG

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     An island, bombarded by an unknown force 26 years ago, began to develop "superhumans," known as alters who had their own "alter ability" of some form or another. They became a hazard to those who did not have the ability, and therefore became seperated, cut off from the rest of the world, also known as the Mainland.

     Ten years ago, there was an attempt by the Mainland to harness the power of the alter users. Two Alter users stood out as the possible key, or keys, in grabbing that power: Ryuhou, only heir of the Ryu family with his alter "Zetsui", and Kazuma, a renegade Alter user from the outlands of The Lost Ground, who uses his alter "Shell Bullet" to make a living.
     The two alter users, like ying and yang, proved to be too strong for the Mainland, and pushed them back. They alone protected the island, occasionally sparring against one another in what would seem to be deadly matches to see who was the stronger of the two, always ending in a tie.

     Now the Lost Ground is safe, protected by Kazuma and Ryuhou. However, there are still greedy forces in the world. It will just be a matter of time before someone attempts to harness the power of the Alter Ability again.